Shubh Vivah!

I’m back, after nearly a month of hectic activity – moving in, unpacking, packing, traveling, recovering, taking a break from the blog. And raring to start posting.

One of my closest friends got married recently, giving us an opportunity to meet good ol’ friends and celebrate. Not your usual Bollywood style 14-songs-and-dances-routine, but a very traditional South Indian wedding in the heartland of South India.

I was the pesky ‘unofficial’ photographer, butting into every opportunity, and ‘creating’ a few too. Since Suman hasn’t released the photos herself, I’m not going to post all the good pictures; just a few tantalizing ones that don’t tell the entire story.



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  1. Loved the photos Aarthi. It is so unique I bet your friend must be the only one who would love to her wedding album again and again. U ve taken wedding photography to another level


  2. Wonderful job with the pictures. Cant wait to see them all..Suman will be thrilled with the results..


  3. The photos are beautiful. Can’t wait to see more.


  4. Sheer gorgeousness!!! Loved the one with the clasped hands. Suman’s husband is really tall, huh? {last photo}


  5. hi! wonderful indian ornaments/jewelleries….where could we get some in jakarta? thanks


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