On the Streets of Kolkata – #1

My India visit this year was set in Kolkata, land of my in-laws, thanks to a wedding in the family. In between all the wedding hungama, I did find some time to explore the city.

The streets are always exciting. Kolkata, even more so. Old and abandoned, or bustling with manic energy.

Sightseeing in Kolkata

Sightseeing in Kolkata

I drew the line at pushing my way into the Kalighat Mandir (no photography allowed inside). But the market adjoining the temple had plenty of willing subjects.

This first trip whetted my appetite, and I couldn’t wait to get out again for a proper photo walk.

Sightseeing in Kolkata

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  1. Great eye to capture those moments….


  2. Amazing shots Aarti! Will have to borrow some. Looking forward to more!


  3. very nice pics. If I would have been able to show u around it could have been a feast for your third eye.


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