Day 5: back to Stanley Park

Today we said goodbye to the family Nichols and Aunty Dagmar and moved to Niti & Harish’s home. After a very early lunch, we all set out to cycle around Stanley Park. Yes! Didn’t have to work too hard to get that wish checked off.
Predictably, the route was beautiful, with the added bonus of the sun shining and spreading cheer. The sea wall was as majestic as all the websites boasted. I didn’t get my fill in one round, so I took off on another, while the rest of them played in the park. I can never get bored of the pictures of the park, so here are a few more:







With all this exercise, we felt the need for some nourishment, and what could be better than the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

A few short and pleasant walks around downtown first, and then Commercial Drive, and we were ready for more food! I wanted to see the Christ Church cathedral up close (after admiring it from the bus yesterday), but by the time we got there it was shut. Very quaint church!


I haven’t gone around Vancouver city, photographing buildings as I normally do, but I did get a few shots here and there. The nicest view is towards the north on any street, so see the big mountains in the distance!







We haven’t left Vancouver yet, but I’m missing it already!

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  1. A real good holiday!!


  2. Looking forward to your updates, know that there are more, missing them already!! 🙂


  3. Super duper like !


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