Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Photo challenge this week has sent me to trawl through my 20000+ photos to see if there’s anything that “isn’t exactly what it appears to be”. I found one:



That’s Souvik at Angkor – in the right spot to be puckering up to the Vishnu-carved temple face. At various monuments, you can see people being silly like this; I’ve seen them at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, at the Taj Mahal at Agra, even at the seaside, making perspective distorted photos. We were tempted by this spot at Angkor – the Bayon temple.

The angle of the photographer has to be just right, otherwise it’s just a person sitting on a ledge, like my friend here:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

What timing for this theme! Just last week, my friend found a kitten abandoned in her garage, and adopted it. Then she had to go out of town for a while, so I happily took charge of the little fellow while she was away. He’s called Ginger, and in the space of 7 days, has grown from a tiny squeaky creature, to a confident, still-tiny little brat.

Milk from a bottle, potty in a litter box, oodles of cuteness, this boy has it all!

His family is back tomorrow, and only Mia will be happy to see him go. She’s had enough of sharing him with Rofa.

Abandoned no more, this blue-eyed beauty is bound to be a heartbreaker!

Ginger at home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

After the thrill of travelling in India, it’s been a rather mundane existence back home in Jakarta. A perfect time to get going with the weekly photo challenge, especially since the rains have put a dampener on my outdoor jaunts.

For this week’s theme of Object, I’ve picked a pair of boots:

Photo walk Pasar Ikan


The boots tell the story of a man exhausted from long hours of manual labour. For such a man, luxuries are of no consequence; just a little spot for a few hours undisturbed will do, so what if the sun is shining in the face!

Photo walk Pasar Ikan

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

“Good morning!”, said the spider, when I set out today, “you’re late; I’ve been busy weaving all night.”


“Good morning!”, said the early bird, “it’s time for my flight, and I have a worm to catch.”

“Good morning!”, said the wild flowers, “Aren’t we glowing today?”

“Good morning!”, said the pond. “I have a meeting with the lake.”

“Good morning!”, said the fields, “can you hear the peacocks?”



“Good morning!”, said the blue butterfly, “I can’t stop and chat”, and flitted away.


“Good morning!”, said some more flowers, big and small, “who’s the prettiest of us all?”



“Good morning!”, said the red dragonfly, “I’ll pause and pose if you can capture my beauty, colours, wings and all.”


“Moo”, said the buffalo, “My turn to dip in the lake; it must be a good morning somewhere in the world!”