Busy is no understatement!

car free Sunday#2

POOL Fun after Car Free Sunday in Jakarta

POOL Fun after Car Free Sunday in Jakarta

car free breakfast #5car free Sunday #3car free breakfast #1

After Aarti and Souvik came to visit us in Vancouver in June of last year we decided we had to come visit them in Jakarta. Pia and I thought it would be an amazing adventure for our family and specifically our two sons Ravi and Jaian so see part of the world that is VERY different to Canada.  When my sister Andrea found out about the trip she was so excited she decided to join us. The boys were more excited to come because they were told that there was a pool at Souvik and Aarti’s Jakarta house. We could have been just about anywhere in the world and the boys would be in paradise with their own private pool. They were not quite ready for the culture shock if an enormous Asian city but they are getting used to it every day.

With Aarti as our tour guide we soon learned there would only be so much ‘pool time.’ A Busy Life of Leisure is no joke. Let me tell you we are sure kept Busy!  In Vancouver the only time my family gets up before 6am is if Santa has stopped by the house. But in Jakarta if we haven’t left the house on some adventure by 6:15am we would have been in big trouble. Usually that trouble was traffic trouble. Good thing my family was still dealing with jet lag and waking up well before 6am naturally.

Our first adventure was experiencing ‘car free Sunday’ in downtown Jakarta.  Souvik and I rode bikes to the city centre and Aarti and the rest of the family drove to meet us. What a sight! By 6:45am there must have been 20,000 people on the street, walking, running or biking. It looked like one of the biggest marathons or running races you would see back home, except most people were just out for a nice Sunday stroll. The other thing that amazed me was the variety of dress. There were many bikers out dresses up lite they were going to do the Tour de France but there bike did not match clothing. Then there was runners many of them very serious and they looked the part. women and men in small little running shorts and tops. Looking at this crowd you would never have guessed it was a strong Muslim country.

After the Car Free Jakarta experience it was crucial we get a good breakfast after all we were with Souvik. 😉 By 8:30 we were in a nice little breakfast spot enjoying coffee and pancakes.

By the time we got back to the house it was about 10:30am but felt more like 5pm.  Busy life of leisure is definitely not an understatement.

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  1. Very well written, & now we are waiting for our car free Sunday experience in Jakarta.


  2. One of our most authentic days in Jakarta, felt like a local… although the locals might have disagreed a bit, we were quite the sight!


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