The Pumpkin Chronicles #6: Roll Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

I think I enjoy all the savoury pumpkin dishes much more than the sweet ones. However, every once in a while comes along a temptation that I just can’t resist.

Pumpkin roll cake 001I’ve ruined a roll cake once before, but that wasn’t a good enough reason to give up. They always sound easy. Apparently learning nothing from the failure, I messed up all over again. Now I want to document this learning: let the filling and the cake cool in the fridge before combining, otherwise you end up with the creamy stuff squirting out of the ends, leaving you a lot of cleaning to do. Fortunately, I had the entire cake rolled in some cling film, and all the cream cheese stayed within.

Finally I had a pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese filling, except that the best way to present it was like Stonehenge. Bite into it though, and with the burst of cinnamon flavour, all is forgiven!

The Pumpkin Chronicles #4: Bhoplyacha cake with tup-sakhar icing*

Pumpkin cakeI’ve made this pumpkin cake (*recipe by Martha Stewart: Pumpkin cake with brown butter icing) enough of times that Souvik associates pumpkins only with cake. The brown butter is almost like ghee, and I like to think it is such a Marathi recipe. It looks a bit crazy with the caramelised walnuts, and I went mad with all the extra caramel that stretched out in thin long golden strands. Not just a little mad.

Martha’s cake looks neat and yummy. Mine just had a bad hair day. Thankfully most of the caramel strands melted down at room temperature and simply smeared all over the cake by the time we got down to eating it.

Over the years, all those doubting Thomases who can’t imagine what pumpkin would do to a cake have eaten a slice of humble pie with every bite!

Baking update: Red Velvet Cake

Reva can’t stand the thought of all that food colour, but I was inspired to back a red velvet cake this Christmas, after having some made by my friend, Sara. Plus Souvik and Ma were arriving on Christmas eve, so why not make a party of it and celebrate Mia’s first birthday?

I picked the recipe from, only halved the quantity. And a babybel cheese ‘cake’ for the birthday girl.

Mia bday2


Took a little while to ‘bow’ the cat, but was so worth the effort.


Mia bday1


We all loved our treats! Yumm!!


Bon appétit

Had a French-inspired dinner tonight to celebrate a special event. (I’m not allowed to announce it until the right people do so, but it’s a happy one.)

French tomato tart (recipe by David Leibovitz)

and crème brûlée (to inaugurate the ramekins and torch)

I made a calculation error in the crème brûlée and ended up with double the quantity of sugar in the custard. As a result, it didn’t quite set properly, and Souvik has flown away to the moon!

Baking update: Tres Leches Cake

Am just about to go and bake something for Souvik to munch for the time that I am away, but this photo caught my attention, and I felt like putting it up. Earlier this month we did a Mexican themed lunch at home, and I dug out a recipe for Tres Leches cake. NOT the lechers’ cake (as Souvik fondly called it) but it means 3 milk cake. There are many recipes online, and I can’t remember which one I used, but it’s basically a sponge cake soaked overnight in a blend of 3 kinds of milk – regular, evaporated and condensed. Before serving, you can make it as pretty as you want; I was generous with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry for color. Doesn’t look like much, but I can assure you there wasn’t anyone at the party who didn’t want seconds, and thirds…and without the cream or fruit…

Blueberry muffins for the Men in Blue


India won the Cricket World Cup, after a super game against Sri Lanka, and the whole country probably exploded in sheer joy! YAAAYYYY!!!

Watching the match quietly on live streaming, from Hanoi, I truly truly missed being in Mumbai last night to savour the electric atmosphere from the well-deserved win. I’m no cricket expert, not even much of a fan, but I was impressed by the very professional play from our team. Sri Lanka were great too, but naturally my heart beat for India, and kept beating faster as the match progressed.

Shweta & her baby, Ahaan, came over to watch with us. I couldn’t bear the tension, so Shweta & I hysterically tossed a soft baby ball at each other to relieve our stress.

Vaishnavi, in Singapore, took a ‘maun vrat’ (vow of silence) and refused to budge from her seat even for a loo break. I took at least a dozen of those breaks. Shweta kept texting the score to her hubby who was stuck in Vietnam hinterland for an off-site meeting. Apparently, our ‘live’ streaming had a 3-minute delay, because when Souvik called Ma, she let us know that Virat Kohli was out, which we got to watch after a few balls. That was eerie, like Minority Report! Facebook was abuzz with crazy, fervent messages from everybody. Vaishnavi was fairly ‘vocal’ on FB, to make up for her physical silence!

I woke up this morning to read the news in all the Indian papers – only about India’s win – what a surprise 😉

To celebrate, I dug out a recipe from for very easy blueberry muffins. They turned out quite well, not too sweet, almost savoury, and just right for breakfast. None for me, though.

And since they were made to commemorate India’s win, they ended up looking something like this:

Ok, ok, it’s cheesy, I know, but I just couldn’t resist!