A.N.T.S. Got Attitude

One bright morning, on a vibrant flower, prowled an ant.
Just then, a bee landed under the petal, hoping to find some nectar.
The ant sensed danger, as the bee found its balance.
The bee heaved itself to the top of the petal on the strength of its legs.
The ant came closer to investigate this stranger on its territory.
The two faced off and in spite of its smaller size, the ant was able to land a head butt.
The bee was taken aback at this show of defiance and retreated hastily.
“I am the BOSS of this petal” roared the ant in its head, and made a bossy power pose for the camera.
“That was a good show, now let’s get back to work.”
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  1. Sooo cute. Kharach khoop goad description kele aahes tu.

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  2. Loved it Aarti! What a short and meaningful story! Beautifully captured as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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