Day 18: Resting my feet and Stuffing my face

That’s all I did on Tuesday, under a nice shady tree at James Madison park for the entire morning. Finished reading a book, watched some people play on the grass, kids out on a nature walk from school, and a late bird looking for leftover worms. Such was my stillness that an enterprising spider thought I would be the right spot for his next cobweb!



The hunger pangs soon set in. A search on trip advisor came up with Bradbury’s, reputed for crepes. Yumm!! That’s mine, strawberry with mascarpone and mint:


Rukmini collected me soon after, and we spent the afternoon shopping for shoes (nice boots) and clothes (bo-oring!). Next came a round of putt putt golf, my big opportunity to be silly.


Walking around for 20 meters had us ready for the awesome Michael’s frozen custard – supposedly it is never frozen, and thankfully not custard at all. Just fresh ice-cream. Nice!

There was still some day left, for a quick visit to Rukmini’s garden patch to harvest spinach and coriander, then tapas dinner at Eno Vino.


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