A Photo Walk in Chicago

Last October I had the pleasure of spending a few days in and around Chicago, visiting family. One of the highlights of my week was a half-day photography workshop with Teresa Peek (link: Tour Through A Lens).

Teresa is so full of energy and passionate about her city that it is impossible to not be infected by it, as you dash in and out of trains, buses, stairs, getting a non-touristy glimpse of downtown Chicago.

We weren’t just hopping about. Every spot that Teresa picked had an interesting concept, plus she was generous about sharing tips on composition and settings.

Knowing how cold Chicago can get, I was well prepared with my warm layers. We got drizzle, wind, and the general Chicago chill. My cousin thought he could brave it (being local and all that), but ended up huddling in the bus shelter, while we set up our gear at the planetarium to photograph the famed Chicago skyline.

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  1. Fabulous shots! Wish I’d been a step behind you. (in a warm coat, of course πŸ™‚ )


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