Will walk with friends @ Delhi

When a bunch of ex- and present-Jakarta folks got together in Delhi, we picked the Ghazipur flower market for an early morning photo walk. Predictably it was a bustle of activity and a riot of colours. Enjoy!



We neutralised the benefits of the exercise with a sumptuous breakfast of chole-bhature in Green Park. Because, you can’t go to Delhi and not do that!


Chúc mừng năm mới

Happy New Year in Vietnam! While the locals got busy preparing for the new year, most expats made plans for getting out of the country for the week-long holiday. The day before we left for India, I couldn’t resist making a quick dash to the flower market to see the fever-pitch buildup for Tet decorations. Tangerine trees, peach blossoms and orchids making their presence felt during the festive season, and being transported scarily on the back of bikes to their new homes.

Flower flower everywhere, and I couldn’t buy any 😦