Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

After the thrill of travelling in India, it’s been a rather mundane existence back home in Jakarta. A perfect time to get going with the weekly photo challenge, especially since the rains have put a dampener on my outdoor jaunts.

For this week’s theme of Object, I’ve picked a pair of boots:

Photo walk Pasar Ikan


The boots tell the story of a man exhausted from long hours of manual labour. For such a man, luxuries are of no consequence; just a little spot for a few hours undisturbed will do, so what if the sun is shining in the face!

Photo walk Pasar Ikan

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  1. I like the look of the tires. They look as they lasted long and maybe will?


  2. Love the capture–nicely done


  3. Nice idea and photo! The boots add punch to the frame.


  4. That’s some pretty good pictures Arti! Thanks for hoping over and the follow 🙂 Have a great day while I moon over your expat life. XO


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