Appreciating Hanoi

We moved to Hanoi some months back, and have grown to love it dearly. For a person with no agenda, I find the pace of Hanoi is perfect, and super to explore, even alone. Armed with a Lonely Planet guide and my iPhone, I love checking out the sights, be it Pagodas, museums or the busy shopping lanes. The best part of the city is Hoan Kiem Lake – all roads lead here, and you can take your pick of the pace – whiz past on a motobike, or sit by the lakeside with a book and a cup of coffee.

The divine idleness!

The bridge lit up for New Year

Bench calls out to me

Absolutely chaotic circle, separating the lake from the old quarters

One of the popular tourist spots by the lake has to be Fanny Ice cream! I have had delicious ice creams before this, but never so beautifully presented (and tasty too)!

Fanny icecream shop

Ice cream at Fanny's

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  1. Oh how I miss the dragon fruit! I can see it in the Fanny pic.


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