When in Rome . . .

. . . I want to live as the Romans do. So we decided to skip the usual hotels in favour of self-catering apartments that are let out by the week, and some of them are so charming!

Check out this one in Rome:

And these are instructions to get there:

If flight land 6,50 a.m. FCO you will arrive at home around 9,00/9,30 *** note if the previous tourist before you leave at 10,00a.m. you can arrive earlier but you go for a little walk just the time that they prepare and clean the house for you ***
Instruction from FCO :
take the  train FM1
to STAZIONE TRASTEVERE (please be carefull because from Fiumicino departe  2 differents trains the one you must take is the Train called FM1 FIUMICINO/ORTE/TERNI which do many stops included stazione trastevere , while the other train not necessary for you it is the Leonardo express that go directly to termini train station and it is a little bit more far  from the house). Then due to 18 july is sunday and there will be the Porta Portese street market we are not sure that MAYBE there will be NOT the bus 871 from Stazione Trastevere to Piazza Fonteiana (then cross palce and walk up for Via Cecilio wich become Via Eustachio Sebastiani), so in the case that bus 871 not work I give you the easiest alternative to arrive at the house :
when you will arrive in Stazione Trastevere remain inside the stazione and CHANGE the train and take the train FM3 (ostiense/viterbo) AND GET OFF ONE STOP AFTER (the first successive after Trastevere Station ) IN QUATTRO VENTI STATION then cross street and walk up on right to
Via San Calepodio at the end of it cross the street and walk left


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