Italy trip update

Got our Schengen visas yesterday. After 3 trips to the most exciting (not!) Ambasciata. Italia, here we come!!!

Next on the checklist is train and museum bookings in advance. Since we will have at least 4 inter-city trips, I am trying to figure out if it makes more sense to book trains journeys right now, or directly on the day of travel. The rail websites have left me confused! Any advice will be appreciated.

And I’ve heard that the waiting line for museums can go to 3-4 hours. So which ones are must-see, and can they be booked in advance?

Tough decisions, huh?

And the kitchen sink at home is not draining properly. I did one round of unclogging yesterday, a second one should make it better. Plus there’s a mountain of ironing load. (Sigh) Swinging between Renaissance and Rut is painful.

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  1. Poor you! I mean the laundry part. Why the maid doesn’t do it anymore?


  2. Spooky…My kitchen sink is clogged too, as of today…thanks to the maid trying to push food down the drain 😦

    We were maid less around the same time and now we have clogged sinks. Why can’t coincidences be something like we find out we are both going to Italy??


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