Colours of Bogotá – Outdoors

What a good weekend to be in Bogotá – after an energetic walk around some of the sights, I found a bonus parade in the main street leading up to the Plaza del Bolivar.

My guide had suggested that I leave the big camera at home, as I was planning to wander about by myself in the afternoon. He pointed out people who were ‘scoping’ out careless tourists, and I did not want to be caught on the wrong end of a mugging. 

Walking through the La Candelaria neighbourhood in broad daylight felt much safer than the evening before. 

And the colours! Distinct from the rainbow combinations I find in Peru, saturating the eyes to the extreme. Even if it got too much, it was nothing that a strong cup of café Colombiano couldn’t fix.

I walked toward the Plaza, taking in the sights of living statues, locals milling about and street vendors setting up their stalls.

Then came the parade:

Yes, there was colour, and drama and dancing on stilts, very bold, very flamboyant. Yet, my favourite part was the sound of the music and the thump of drumbeats that makes up the ultimate Latino experience.

What was the parade for? Absolutely. No. Idea. 

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  1. Wickedly colourful! Remind me to include it in next week’s walk 😃🍷💕


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