India Day 2, 3: Delhi

With so much to see, do and shop, and the lack of internet access, there was no real opportunity to blog. We spent an inordinate amount of time hearing and discussing all the chaos related to the Commonwealth Games that affect Delhi-ites in a big way – fresh new jokes by the hour keeping pace with every new horror. Also drove out to see the Yamuna river in spate, threatening to flood the city (pictures to follow soon). And a fun ride on the Metro, just for kicks. Pounced on all the dal makhani and paneer in sight.

A visit to Nehru Place to buy a computer almost put me off, but I was determined to get it all done! Then Ma’s saree shopping goals were partially met in Nalli. Finally, a long call with the wi-fi people, and we are now very  “internetted” at home in Delhi!

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  1. yeah my dad will like this


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