Weekend at Cat Ba (Sara in Vietnam – Part III)

Last weekend, we spent an eventful weekend at Cat Ba Island with some friends. It took us 6 hours, including 2 ferry rides to get there, and 9 hours to get back, but it was fun, fun, fun all the way.

Big cheer at our coffee break

Treading water

At the Cat Ba resort, we spent a glorious afternoon swimming, then an evening of dumb charades, and a private junk cruise the next morning at Lan Ha Bay. The landscape was quite similar to Halong Bay, though much less crowded (we were the only boat in the bay), and we had the pleasure of being the only ones kayaking amidst the awesome rocks.

This was also the perfect place for some flattering portrait pictures:

Sara got plenty of attention from the other kids and adults alike, and had a whale of a time!

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  1. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Awesome pictures. I love the one with Reva and Sara.


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