Sara in Vietnam – Part 2

Sara went to Hoi An and had some more fun:


Learning to share her toys


Aeroplane again!

We are a "girly girl"

Am so cute with the colorful background!

That white frock shall transform soon into something unrecognizable!

"Where is Sara hiding?" game

Happy to browse

Wet! Wet!! Wet!!!


There's nothing like a good splash! There was a collective squeal and groan from the audience when Sara dipped her hands into the water and smeared her face.

Sara's first outing to the seaside

Sara at the beach




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  1. I am just loving to see Sara enjoying her holidays. Her pictures talk a lot. Good work Aarti. Click some with you all also.


  2. Awesome pictures. She looks so cute in all of them. I especially love the one with blue hate. Gosh, I miss her ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Simply amazing pictures of Sara!

    She looks beautiful, cute, expressive!!!

    Loved them…

    Do click some with that sister of yours too…


    • Have clicked some of Reva too, but there are many specifications and instructions to beautify or censor, and it all gets very complicated! Plus those pictures don’t go with my post titles ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Just kidding; look out for more exciting pics with mommy!


  4. Awesome pics reva! Sara looks adorable!


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