Heritage drive in Kolhapur

Kolhapur may not be on top of anybody’s list of touristy places in India, but it can hold its own with its architecture, unique cuisine, shopping, and if there’s time,  blessings from Mahalakshmi.

I had a hectic trip to Kolhapur this time, most of it spent at the fitness clinic with Reva, followed by Khau Galli (for bhel, kutchhi dabeli, and other sinful stuff) or Natural’s icecream. We binged to our heart’s content before the ‘sentence’ (diet plan) was pronounced. The one day that we had no clinic agenda we planned a phototour around some of the elegant heritage buildings of Kolhapur, with Baba and Bhaskar Ajoba in tow.

We kicked off our tour soon after sunrise, at Panchganga Ghat and Shiva Mandir.

Next stop: A couple of old churches, one very close to my school (Holy Cross Convent)

The Scout & Guide building has been unfortunately renovated (in the opinion of our in-house architects – Reva & Baba) by totally taking away its heritage character.

Quick sightings of New Palace and Vishalgadh Palace from a distance.

Last stop on the tour: Town Hall and some surrounding buildings (CPR Hospital & Court)

Being Gardes, the only thing on our mind throughout the trip was Phadtare Misal for breakfast, that made us zip through our trip. Needless to say, the misal didn’t disappoint!


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