Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

This gem of a museum would have passed me by, had not my friend, Shweta, urged me to visit along with Deven, Aparna & the kids. The promise of plenty of open space for the kids to frolic, and the lure of ethnic handicrafts pulled us there last week. It turned out to be of the most interesting museums – large, outdoorsy, and entertaining enough to hold our attention for a whole afternoon, yet small enough to not get ‘museum-ed out’.

Aparna gushed over the various displays of ethnic garment styles and other handmade goodies, Nishad and Sana got down on their hands and knees for a fun-filled afternoon, Deven fell in love with a red bull in the craft shop, and I got another good opportunity to practise some photography.


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  1. Wow, loved it! Too bad I missed it…


  2. How sad, Didi & i both missed it. But aarti the wax museum at Kanheri math is also worth a visit.


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