Baking update: Chocolate Cheesecake

The occasion was the promising cricket match semi-final between India & Pakistan. We invited some friends over for dinner, including Bushra to cheer Pakistan. The food was just some regular stuff – chawali falafel, paneer, chicken, etc, but the dessert had to be something new, so I chose chocolate cheesecake from JoyofBaking. Without thinking I made the entire quantity suggested in the recipe, and it turned out to be HUGE and Heavy! Very divine, no doubt, but truly death by chocolate. There were quite a few mistakes, mainly in the crusty base (I used Kitkat wafer crumbs, which stuck fast to the bottom of the pan), and stopped short of being beautifully presented. The texture was super, so was the taste. This was the first time I made a baked cheesecake, having only tried the no-bake variety in the past. Would love to make a New York style cheesecake, but I should give it a few months before trying.

A fitting celebration for the outcome of the match, but only the Indian cricket team had earned their dessert!

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  1. over lunch today, co-incidentally sindhu and i were chatting about the cake and she stated that the taste’s got even better after a day. time to confirm the veracity of the argument me lord !


  2. You are welcome to experiment in my kitchen. Ingredients will be provided. 🙂


  3. lucky people who could eat and enjoy it. Sigh!!!!


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