Girls in Vietnam are the heart of the nation, it’s most attractive feature. They are a potent combination of good looks, charming personality, strong work ethic and responsibility, and overall smartness. My personal view is that their only dependence on men is for making babies (and taking photos, of course). You see girls everywhere, from waitresses to sales people to construction workers to street vendors to farmers to business owners.
In all of this, they don’t lose their feminity; for the Vietnamese women it’s beauty first, and babies soon after! Don’t ever be surprised to see road work being done in high heels, or 3 layers of clothing in summer to prevent tanning, or face masks to protect the lipstick. And that petite girl who cleans your house is actually a 40-year old mother of 2 teenagers. Break the ice anywhere simply by taking your baby along, or just admiring someone’s nail polish. Meet a stranger and quickly ask personal questions about how many kids, or why not married yet. Bargain for lower prices by giving the lady a hug.
The outcome is that you see empowered women, making a bright and happier country.










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