It’s Gotta Go!

I’ve been trying and trying and hoping to lose all my excess weight, but it refuses to go! This time, I’m making my efforts public, and hope to do the impossible – 15 kilos by December.

So I shall put up my weekly activities – exercise, eating, cribs and whines – and delta loss, and all of you can feel free to comment/ advise/ encourage/ consult/ join in.

Here’s my ‘Before’ picture, a rather unflattering one showing all the kilos that HAVE to go.

Day 0: Bought a weighing scale πŸ™‚

My intermediate milestone is to lose 5 kg by June 5, in time for my Roman Holiday. Action starting today.

34 thoughts on “It’s Gotta Go!

  1. Try following Rujuta Diwekar strictly. Do exercise not more than 5 days a week jog, swim or gym whatever interests you.
    So all the best dear.

  2. It’s been a week and weight loss = 0 😦
    Right now the gym is a horrible place, with the AC not working, and the humidity at an all time high. Will go out cycling today.

  3. No change in weight! I don’t know what to do next.
    I think I should try a whole new bunch of weight training exercises, as the old ones don’t seem to be working much, or my body has just got used to them.

  4. Remember this discussion sometime earlier, when you were still at Mumbai. I have lost about 4 kgs since. No change in exercising pattern. I sincerely feel, the trick is to simply eat right and at proper intervals. & yes, the saddest part of all – i had to drastically cut down the wine & the beer….

  5. Hey Dola,
    I hardly drink any alcohol these days (not that I was a drunk earlier) – maybe a glass of wine in a week, or in a month.
    Have quit fruit juices too, since over a year.
    I do sometimes give in to diet cola, but will try to resist those too.

  6. Whats the status post an exotic holiday?

    Some tips that worked for me:

    1. Try fresh fruits rather than fruit juices
    2. Avoid rice under any circumstances
    3. Have 1 roti instead of 2
    4. Have only soup n salad for dinner
    5. Try more proteins than carbs
    6. Drink water before you start eating…like a prayer
    7. Stop baking cakes for sometime. Bake one when you have achieved your 3month target

    1. Try jogging than walking…even though you will be able to cover only half the distance
    2. Alternate exercising for upper body and lower body. Both need rest after a hard day at the gym
    3. Cardiovascular workouts should not be less than 50 mins. Anything less than that doesnt work for the body
    4. End your session with some yoga and meditation..
    5. Look at yourself in the mirror as often as you can while in the gym…it motivates you to just go for it…
    6. Get yourself a trainer after you have lost some kilos so that he can help you tone yourself

    Actually…just forget all this. You are already having a life people envy…why do you want to make it worse for all of us.

    Enjoy yourself…lets admit it we live to eat.


  7. Hi Aarthi
    Just chanced upon this while going thro Sashi’s profile.
    All the very best.
    I for one have been fighting this battle for a long time now.
    Worrying about your weight doesn’t help losing weight. Just enjoy your swimming and cycling and be happy. You will start losing.

  8. All encouragement much appreciated!
    This week I did 5 consecutive days in the gym, and burnt a total of 1500 calories + weight training on alternate days. No change in weight, but my stamina has built up well.
    Running begins next week, and I’m horrible at that!

  9. No weight loss yet, but everyone says my face looks thinner (read: doesn’t match the body).
    I started swimming and running. Running continuously for 3-4 minutes is absolutely crazy for me. I can do 3 min now, but have to still master 4 min at a stretch. One of my friends has advised me to increase all abs exercises (total of 500 reps every day). I managed 200-odd today, and plan to step it up to 500 over the next few days. Am giving a break to weight training for a week or two.
    Let’s see what happens to the weight next week.

  10. Aarti,

    Do you have a spinning class at your gym? If you do, I totally recommend that! If you’ve never done it before, it might look a little intimidating from the outside…..but it really works. I swear, had never sweated so much while exercising before πŸ˜‰
    Good luck!!


  11. Hema, I first thought spinning was some kind of exercising dance form. But then I read about it on the net – it’s a sort of group cycling exercise, right? While we do have exer-cycles at the gym, there are only 2, and definitely no classes. But the weather here has improved now, and I can go cycling in the real world!
    Am enjoying swimming these days.

  12. Aarti, yes it is a cycling class however its way more intense than just cycling at your own pace where you invariably slow down when tired. There is loud music – sometimes too loud for my taste – but I guess the intent is to pump everyone up and it does work. I also go for a cardio kickboxing class once a week – now that is a lot of fun. The first ever kickboxing class was far from fun. Try that if you get a chance.


  13. Swimming seems to be doing good for me so far – no weight loss, but there is some MINOR inches off the wasted waist. And I’m peppering the gym with some outdoor cycling, which is much more fun.
    Also, am able to do 500 reps of abdomen exercises at the gym – as recommended by Sindhu

  14. It’s been a month since the last update; no weight loss, not much attempt either, and with the India trip coming up, I am a little worried. Will have to watch what & how much I eat. Moms, friends, sister, please take note and help in the endeavour!

  15. No weight gain after my India trip (thank goodness!); no exercise since then, so no weight loss either 😦
    Going off everything sweet from today. Hope I get some time to exercise too.
    Looks like I’m not taking the program seriously enough. From now onwards, I’m gonna F.O.C.U.S.!

  16. This afternoon I got on the scales after a long gap, and found 2 kg off! In spite of Diwali, Reva’s visit, and all the exotic cooking that I’ve been up to. I AM ECSTATIC πŸ˜€

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  18. Joined the Fitness Gym, with diet plan and exercise personalized for ME. It’s like a life sentence 😦 but mine is somewhat easier than Reva’s, and today is the 5th day of the diet. Hopefully the kilo that came off is gone for good.

  19. It’s been 4 weeks since I started the diet. I’ve managed to let go of 5 kilos so far. Such a big achievement for me – I’ve never lost 5 kgs ever! There’s plenty more kgs to go, and some more hard work that will only get harder, but at this point, I’m happy πŸ™‚

  20. 6 weeks gone since I started the diet, and 6 kgs off. Last week was not so good, and the weight is stuck. The good news is that all my clothes are loooose, better news is that hopefully they’ll get looser, and I shall work on my brand new wardrobe.

  21. 7 down, many more to go. All the travelling isn’t helping in managing the diet. Still, trying very hard. Cycling is going great guns, soon it will be warm enough to swim.

  22. Moved countries, still trying to settle in, and trying to keep it all down is an uphill task. I gained a few during the move; am finally down to the Vietnam weight with a mix of diet, exercise and illness 😦
    Let’s hope the new house proves luckier, with all the work it entails.

  23. Hi Aarti,

    I just decided to get myself a digital identity and you popped up in Linkedin. So the curiocatty in me managed to discover your blog. What amazing skyscapes you have! I don’t know why I never bothered to google you before – I guess, not having a digital identity myself makes me feel everyone else doesn’t too.Anyway, glad to have found you and your amazing snaps. Would be nice to see some of your doodles too if you still do them πŸ™‚
    Apologies again for not being on the radar.

    Take care,

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