J is for nothing in Vietnam. It’s for Jakarta, where we’re headed next. In my first visit there, I found Jakarta the complete opposite of Hanoi and Vietnam, a lot like Mumbai. The guide books insist that the best part of the city is getting out of it, and indeed, I was happy to.
Moving from an idyllic place with quiet lakes & rivers, green fields, to one with high rise buildings, traffic jams, no greenery in sight, was quite a shock for me! Shopping in malls, no vegetarian food, no cycles on the road, all are a recipe to disaster!
Then, after looking at some houses (with a pool), free wifi at Starbucks, and the promise of a job and many weekend breaks, things started looking up.
Last week, our stuff got packed and shipped out. We’ve spent a few idle days by the lake and at home, and had enough of that. Now I can’t wait to move, and start off a new adventure!

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  1. All the best Aarti & Souvik. Waiting to hear about adventures in & around Jakarta. :-)))


  2. So are you going to rename your blog to “A Busy Life of Leisure…NOT!”?


  3. Oh yah! come to Jakarta! It’s not that bad… it’s just a big adventure and so much to see if you look past the macet (traffic!)… infact, there’s so much to see IN the traffic… people selling things, beggars, street food vendors, classy high heels on motorbikes, people carrying everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink on a tiny motorbike… I am never ceased to be amazed at what I see here… yes, it can be frustrating at times… but give me the chaos over order and ordinary any day! Enjoy Jakarta!


    • Wow! Sounds just like Vietnam.. The other day we saw two people on a scooter holding up another 2-wheeler!! I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but Souvik saw it too. The chaos will feel like home then 🙂 thanks


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