Relocated. Rejuvenated.

For the first few weeks upon moving to India, I simply vegetated on the couch. There was good reason to: relocating Mia, our cat has been more of a challenge than packing and moving the rest of my life in Indonesia. Once we came through Bangalore customs, cat and all, life at Reva’s got relaxed, with me having no responsibilities except playing badminton with Ira at all hours of the day, while Sara took on Mia’s welfare.

Through my vegetative weeks we waited for the rain clouds to gather and shower, admiring the beautiful sunsets from the balcony, made even more serene with a glass of wine and a light blanket.

My visits to Bangalore have a few must-do’s. Topping that list is a visit to the Canon service centre in Ulsoor, to undo all the damage I’ve inflicted on my camera up to that time. Followed by a coffee stop at the neighbouring cafe, Marzipan.  This time, we ended up servicing 2 cameras and multiple lenses, causing us to make this journey at least 3 times, with an added shopping stop at 1 MG Mall.

The whole point to this description is that through my days in Bangalore this time, I had no camera until the last weekend, but once I did, it was near impossible to drag me in from the balcony.

That’s why:

Bangalore sunset-1

And that:Bangalore sunset-2

Until that:

Bangalore sunset-4

I’m happy to be home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

From all the pictures I have in the collection, it appears I’m more of a sunrise than a sunset person. So this one was surprisingly difficult. Here are a few, culled out with some difficulty:

Souvik & I went to Goa with our friend Anshu; drove 24 hours to stay 36 hours in Goa; but it was such fun. Here’s the sunset after a particularly exhilarating parasailing attempt by Anshu & me.



Sunset at ‘Sunset Point’, Kanyakumari, which is the sangam of the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. A rare piece of land from where you can catch the sunrise & sunset over the same water, just a few km apart. Which is about all you can do at Kanyakumari!



Sunset at Hearst Castle, California. After a beautiful drive along the Pacific Coast, the sunset was the icing on the cake. Gorgeous!




Sunset in Rome, pretty late on a summer evening. We were walking back from Bocca della Verita (the mouth of truth, remember Roman holiday?), in search of a change from Italian food (imagine!), and just a little gloomy about having to leave Rome the next morning.



Sunset view from our apartment in Ciputra, Hanoi. A riot of colors just before a massive storm heralded by a giant dark cloud coming over from the east.