Bermuda Coastline

I went to Bermuda sans tripod in a misguided attempt to ‘keep it simple’. Not a great idea for shooting at twilight, but it forced me to get creative, using rocks and trees for stability. The colours drove me crazy – pink sands, turquoise waters, golden skies, white roofs – and I was sneaking out the back door for all kinds of photo ops.

Harrington Sound

Horseshoe Bay

John Smith’s Bay Beach

I would love to be that driftwood!

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  1. Loved all your pictures. The driftwood seems to be a free spirit. Wonderful.


  2. How fabulous are these! Love all of them, Aarti 🙂 🙂


  3. Brilliantly written! Made me want to go to all these wonderful places and explore a continent I have yet to visit. Those waterfalls.. Devil’s throat.. just amazing. The pink sands and the azure water.. stunning. Thank you for sharing! Do write more.


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