Siena, O Siena

Day 11
I had slept well but woke up with a croak. Thankfully, Souvik was on the mend. We thought the sun would do us good so we got out for our coffee, and a half-baked plan for visiting Siena. Suman had raved about Siena, but my heart wasn’t totally in it. The rain came while we were having breakfast, and that swung us into action straight to the SITA bus station.
We drove though much the same route that we took to Chianti yesterday, coz Siena lies just beyond. The landscape was beautiful and green, of course, and the rain stopped as we entered Siena. The sun felt good!
First stop: lunch. We wanted to try out one of the Lonely Planet recommendations, and followed our GPS to the pizzeria. Good pizza, great salad, awesome view of the medieval town.

It was while walking towards Piazza Communale that we fell in love with Siena. The very narrow lanes formed a maze, and each one beckoned us to enter and lose our way. We did, and were rewarded with the surprising view of Il Campo. Lonely Planet describes this piazza as a medieval bathroom sink, and we could see why. Slopes downward from the edge to the center, where the bell tower rises like a faucet (their description, not mine). By this time the rain had reached Siena. After a fortifying cup of cappuccino and some biscotti, we played “aankh mijoli” with the rain to return to the bus stazione. Got the front seats in a double decker bus, and enjoyed the view all the way back. Took home some Indian dinner, then settled with a book while Souvik watched football.

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