Day 12
The last day of our vacation dawned bright and sunny. Souvik went for a run and I took a bus to Piazzale Michelangelo to photograph Firenze in the morning sunshine. It was a super feeling to sip a coffee with the morning sun on my back, and a landscape of red roofs in front of me.
I hiked back to the Duomo to meet up with Souvik, and we shopped some more (a gorgeous leather bag and jacket).

We were comfortably sipping our mid-morning hot chocolate when the sky turned from blue to grey, and without any warning, hail came pelting down! I think we’ve managed to see all weather conditions in one week here, and I can totally do without snow in summer!!!

We set out again in the evening, and came upon some designer cars on display and fashion week parties on the street. Souvik finally ordered meatballs (like in the mafia movies) but wanted to blow someone’s brains out coz the sauce wasn’t tasty enough. Then we hung around the duomo and lamented that the holiday was over.

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  1. Jivachi Italy!!!!!!!!


  2. Dream Vacation indeed!! Welcome back!


  3. Pictures of the loot, please!


  4. LOVE your photos!! Are they mostly from the Canon?? Have you been applying all the knowledge??

    I totally covet that thing in the Florence apartment…not sure what it is…the thing with the tap on the side and drawers all over.


  5. Do we get to see the photos uploaded elsewhere with your super captions??


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