Off to Singapore

Over this year, Singapore has become a second home for me, with the number of times I have piled on to my friend, Suman. It’s a great place to wander around on your own, go crazy window-shopping, eat all the (South Indian) food I’m missing in Hanoi, and, not in the least, catch up with some of my crazy-but-fun friends there. I love to do my grocery shopping in Singapore, mostly because I can find Indian products at good prices, and the Haldiram’s packaged pani puris bring me to my knees (how house-wifey AM I?). I used to detest the Little India shopping scene earlier, but ever since the space-and-crowd and fire safety regulations have been implemented, it’s a much improved place! You can actually see the buildings that are almost as pretty as those in Chinatown. And ever since I’ve got into baking, it’s a pleasure to walk around Holland village and browse the bakeware & cookware shops.

Guess I’ve seen most of the sights of Singapore to write a mini-series, but there’s always something new to explore. It was also fun taking my moms (M & MIL) around when they visited – we squealed and gawked at EVERYTHING! Souvik is always eager to go too, with Borders (for books) and East Coast Road (10K run) beckoning, but what to do – at least ONE of us has to work 😦  and I’m off!

Now the sad part is that Suman is relocating, and we won’t get to meet as often, so this is a sort of ‘farewell’ trip – one last time for me to impose on her hospitality :-D. Whatever the reason, I think we’ll have a blast!

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