Laziest ever!

It’s been a day and a half in Singapore, and being a little under the weather, I decided to take it easy. Suman made delicious salad and pasta the night before (a first for Suman – is she inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s call to women into the kitchen?). We swapped our e-book gadgets to catch up on the other’s reading materials (er…chick lit) over the next few days.
When Suman left for work yesterday, I was treated to a yummy lunch of ghee pongal and pumpkin chutney by Vaishnavi’s mom, and Yshe’s entertaining company. Suman got home sinful flavors of ice-cream, which we devoured while pretending to watch Kites – the most boring, contrived movie of this year. In between mealtimes, I did nothing meaningful.
I have a big and complex shopping list to complete, which I should attack on the weekend. The weather has turned stormy, perfect for some coffee and books!

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