A decadent weekend

I carried a DVD of Kites to Singapore, so that Suman & I could watch it together, in spite of ALL our friends trying to talk us out of it. Turns out, the negative reviews were actually correct this time, and we were sorely disappointed in the performance of Hrithik Roshan. We spent the rest of the Singapore visit (as per Suman’s smart observation) catching up on the work of his dad instead – Khoobsurat and Khatta Meetha. Both these movies had no ‘style’ but plenty of substance, great storylines, and sweet performances all around.

During the day, we spared no time going through scores of shops admiring gizmos, trying out clothes, and eating to our hearts’ content. Italian, Tamilian, Bombaiyya, home-cooked, coffees, chais, cake, sandwiches, the list goes on and on . . . plus, all the gossip from Yshe giving us plenty of food for thought . . . time to hit the gym with a vengeance, ‘coz I don’t think the sport of window shopping could have burnt all the calories we piled on.

Every trip to Singapore has to have a new adventure or experience for me, and this time it was the view from the terrace of Marina Bay Sands, or should I say, the Skypark, which is the newest tourist spot with awesome views of the sunset, and the city lit up at night.

But the highlight of this trip was the girls-only dinner we had at OSO – good food, great company, and many promises to keep doing this!

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