Not Brangelina, Not Abhi-Ash, it’s ……..

It’s finally working – the whole Vietnam publicity! Now I have my good friends making vacation plans to Hanoi, and life promises to be fun, me playing tour guide.

Uju, my cousin was here last month, and Suman is like family too (we visit each other almost every month).

Next weekend I welcome more people – THEY have asked me to not blog about it. Having known them for years and years, and their penchant for drama, that probably means the publicity will be most welcome :-), but for now, I shall not name these people.

So SHE’s sent me a list of foods that are to be made available for their trip (ahem), and the list of things to shop (no sightseeing plan, unless the souvenirs are exciting!), and what I have to do to child-proof the house (all windows shut, nothing fragile from the floor up to 3 feet high, lots of paper for scribbling). And HE’s promised to race 10 km with Souvik, in his new-fangled web-toed shoes, babysit his child, and probably grumble about all the stuff that SHE buys.

So YOU-TWO-WHO-SHALL-NOT-BE-NAMED, look out for my nice, long, complex shopping list, and l shall welcome you with open arms!

And those of you who’ve guessed who THESE are, let’s keep the suspense going a little longer, shall we?

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  1. sounds like a Garde to me.


  2. Just tell me and I shall keep it a secret, I promise! Btw is she Vaishnavi & family?


  3. I think I know who we are talking about [I swear, Varun didn’t help me in this one….just that Aarti writes too well :)]


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