Not Brangelina, not Abhi-Ash, it’s . . . . (update)

Not Posh ‘n’ Becks, not TomKat, and not even Barack & Michelle! Closer to Sania-Shoaib, actually (coz both used to be the sporty types when we studied together, and SHE was injury-prone, managing to hurt the wrong finger at the right time, and stayed out of the crucial matches, and HE was being chased by women all over the running track!!

So, my mystery guests were here last weekend. As planned, we chatted, ate, . . .  scolded, chatted, ate, . . . whined, chilled out, ate, . . . yelled, wailed, ate, . . . gossiped, quizzed, ate, . . . cajoled, cursed, ate, . . . shopped, shopped, and ATE – the entire 4 days.

Then they left, and we haven’t heard from them ever since.


Now it’s our turn, Yshe & Viru 🙂

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