Big sky, small camera

Last night was magical: After days of torturous heat, the clouds had gathered with great pomp and show, and there was a spectacle in the sky. First the sun set in a haze of orange sky, then the dark clouds took over and put on a nature fireworks display with thunder and lightning. It rained elsewhere in the city, but from my window, it looked like God was taking pictures.

I took the opportunity to plant myself with the camera, and ended up with 900 pictures of this:

Fiddled with exposure and shutter speeds to try to capture some lightning:

My timing was mostly off, elbows grimy from the window ledge, forgot to focus on anything, the memory card was filling up, the camera battery was on its last gasp, but it was worth it for just a couple of these, and plenty captured in the mind’s eye:

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  1. Wow. Fantastic pics


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