A very social week

It’s been one event after another, all of last week.

First we had the Diwali bash on Saturday. Haven’t been able to muster courage to look at the dancing videos; actually I can go through my whole life without looking at them! UGH!! 😀

Then we had the English conversation group lunch on Monday. A bunch of enthusiastic women make for very pleasant company – I’m loving this activity a little more each week.

I joined a still life art class on Tuesday, with Pauline Roby at Le Pub (all names mentioned here are real). Opened my eyes and loosened my fingers; can’t wait to get to the next class. When was the last time I was excited about a class? Soon all my family and friends will be subjected to my ‘artistic creations’.

On Wednesday, I caught a show of water puppets with Bhavna, Gaurav & Vaanya, my friends visiting from India. It was quite difficult to get tickets, now that tourist season is on. We managed, however, and the show was totally worth the effort. Good enough for 2-3 visits for me. Got an opportunity to get a few pictures, made challenging by the light conditions and movement.

Thursday was a day for coffee morning at HIWC, and another visit to Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) with Gaurav & Bhavna. Vaanya chose to wear her new Cinderella gown on this day, and was treated like a princess by everyone at Van Mieu, especially Vietnamese girls in their pretty Ao Dais.

Friday was a day for goodbyes (to friends leaving for home), revival of the morning walk, a chilled out lunch of delicious chole (made by Gaurav the day before) with rice, and a long siesta.


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  1. fantastic pictures.. have heard a lot about the water puppet thingies.. are they small or life size.. ? must have been some experience I bet..


    • Pritha, the water puppets come in all sizes, not life-size though. They have plenty of puppets for sale, which are small, souvenir-sized, but I guess the ones in the show are quite big, because they need to be seen from some distance.
      The show is fantastic!


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