Hitting the hotspots of Hong Kong

Got into Hong Kong very late last night, and took a while to start out this morning.
Armed with a bunch of guides and maps and sage advice from Yshe who’s lived there and loved that, I found my way to the Central Station. Explored the glitzy streets with big brand shops, Lan Kwai Fong, midlevel escalators, Man Mo temple, Graham Street wet market, all the way to Chater Garden. Admired the iconic Bank of China tower. Guzzling cups of hot chocolate, to give my aching feet some rest. Plenty of retail therapy in The Body Shop! Looking for the easiest way to head back to Tsim Sha Tsui (that does not involve any more walking!). But then, I have to burn off all the chocolate…
And poor Souvik is busy, working hard on his presentation.

Man Mo Temple

Incense coils at the temple

A rare heritage building

Ladder street

Midlevel escalators

Looks like idiot-proofing, but great for people who are used to the opposite side!

The bustle

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  1. Ensoi!! have a blast


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