Appreciating Hanoi #3

Last weekend, Souvik & I cycled off to the Military Museum – a place I’d wanted to visit with Souvik because of his interests in all things war. Shweta too recommended it strongly.

The museum’s main attraction is the real aircrafts on display – those captured from the US army – and some tanks too, which were made by the French. All fairly interactive, in the sense that people can (and did) clamber all over the vehicles to take pictures. We had our own share of Top Gun fantasies! There is also a sculpture made from scraps of various aircraft that were destroyed during the wars.

The Hanoi Flag Tower makes a nice backdrop, and is also good for a little climbing, for a great view of the surrounding areas.

On our way back home, we came across the lane full of cherry blossom trees. What a sight! The lane was filled with people, mostly young ones hanging out, and naturally, girlfriend-posing-boyfriend-photographing. These sights are so common in Hanoi, but every time we spot them, we feel light-hearted and happy.

And if you ask them nicely, some will even pose happily for you.


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