My heart’s broken

We took the scenic drive from Danang to Huê via the Hai Van Pass. My camera decided to call it a day on this trip after 3 & a half years of fantastic performance. I am still moping, and missing it dearly. From Kanyakumari to Amritsar, San Francisco to Singapore, not to forget Cambodia & Vietnam, it has got me a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Time to get one, maybe two new cameras, but not before bidding the Kodak a sentimental farewell! As a mark of ‘respect’, I am not posting any pictures taken from the camera phones that we had.

The drive, however, was so beautiful that I simply have to go back there and get new pictures. Join me, anyone?

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  1. When are you shopping?


  2. Today!
    Did the recce yesterday, and zoomed in on a new model of CANON Powershot. This will be my new point & shoot; SLR will come when the new model is available.


  3. I too feel bad about your kodak. But life must go on with the new arrival of course the Canon this time. Happy shooting!!!


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