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After wallowing in the apartment for weeks, I ventured out to see if Jakarta was truly as boring as I imagined. Well, the drain is big and open and smelly, is what I found! The little lanes of this business district are pretty enough, I guess; plenty of big houses, hardly any sidewalks.

Some attractive restaurants:



Found my way to Museum Nasional, a reminder of how boring can a museum be made with poor layout, scratchy/smudged cases and miniature-font descriptions, even if the exhibits themselves have potential. The Ethnology section was more interesting, and the courtyard was pretty. The only awe-inspiring bit was the 3500-yr old skeletal remains in the new wing of the museum.


The most amusing part of my visit was watching the school kids let loose in the museum, getting excited about some Westerners and crowding around for autographs!

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  1. Ms Garde..I can see that your wanderlust ways to explore continue unabated as is your brilliant writing and compositions!! way to go!!We did a nice road trip – Mumbai- gujarat- rajasthan- Delhi and back.


  2. I can see you have started exploring & in turn we get a good feed back.


  3. The place doesnt look all that bad.. Nothing can ever beat Hanoi though. And you should see Mumbai right now. You will think you are in seventh heaven.


  4. That vendor’s cart looks so pretty.


  5. Exploring the unexplored! You write so damn well…you managed to influence me to start my blog…but i am not regular on it…


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