A ray of sunshine

We’ve had such a lesson in bike shopping in Jakarta. My old Oyama is in transit, and Souvik wants to use it, so I had to get a new one. Jakarta seems to be bike heaven, but buying one seemed such a big deal. We wanted a road bike, but with my height, it’s difficult to find the right sized frame (S) here. We checked out various shops, met with a range of sales people, most of whom weren’t interested in making a sale (!) because they showed no interest. And I wanted too much information. We even thought of importing one! Then we found a Rodalink shop with some enterprising salespeople, and some space to try out bikes. The problem of size prevailed, but we found this rather spunky folding fella from Dahon:

Crouching Tiger

Folded Dragon

Come Sunday morning, car-free day, and I set out to ride on Jl. Sudirman. It was a carnival of sorts – plenty of musicians, some processions for various causes, families and youngsters milling about, and hundreds or thousands out on bikes of all ages, forms and colors!


7 thoughts on “A ray of sunshine

  1. Looks like a lot of drafting going on! Did you skip the Tour this year? Did you buy the ‘crouching tiger, folded dragon’? Looks like a good fit .

    • Pia, all our plans changed this year because of the move to Jakarta. I did buy the bike; it’s adorable and I can barely await next Sunday! You’re right, it fits well 😀

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