Baking adventures

Reva & I have always enjoyed baking, right from the days of the singular Tarla Dalal recipe book with all those corn and cheese recipes. Then Aparna gave us the first cake recipe measuring 24 tbsp flour and 4 eggs, and we were hooked. Sheela Aunty’s 1-egg dark chocolate cake saw us through many, many years. Eventually Reva became a food-fanatic, and I tagged along.

Now, armed with springform pans, bundt pans, mini cupcake pans, cupcake liners, icing paraphernalia, we could start a mini-bakery, but that’s too much work and some 5000 km between us. So Reva started a baking club online (inspired by another similar club called Daring Bakers), and I joined up, along with a bunch of other people. We have to complete a baking challenge every month, and feed it to unsuspecting people around us. Check it out at

Here are some of my creations –

Focaccia Bread

Banoffee Pie

Irish Soda Bread

I guess the photography could improve considerably, but it all tasted good, I assure you!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the publicity 🙂


  2. Awesome!! Am drooling already. Both of you ought to consider a career in cooking / baking!!


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