Selamat Tahun Baru 2012

We had a very quiet, very dull ringing in the new year in Lombok.

It being one of those crazy weekends in the year when everything gets sold out at exorbitant prices, we had to settle for a hotel (Senggigi Beach Hotel) that wasn’t top of our list. We did enjoy the beach and the pool, though! In fact, hanging out by the poolside was infinitely better than suffering the ‘jungle theme’ party with a live band singing insipid songs and the food – to be eaten only for sustenance. So we shifted gears and simply chilled out the entire time, budging only to grab a meal or to swat mosquitoes.

For a change I limited the photography to a few shots of the beach with all the sailboats.

Locals queue up to get to Senggigi Beach

Sailboats come home at dusk

I have to say that the landscape of Lombok was spectacular – endless lush green fields – that warranted more exploring. But the # 1 attraction is supposed to be underwater, so that’s where I’m headed next – off to diving classes!


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  1. Lucky girl always on the move…enjoy.


  2. Seriously…I am in awe of your glamorous lifestyle!


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