Counting down the days . . .

Another 48 hours and I shall be in India. Today I found the old prepaid SIM that I was using in India – don’t remember the number, but will publicize it as soon as it activates. It will be exciting to be back in familiar old surroundings – there are crazy agendas around meeting people, shopping and eating, but this is what I will miss about Hanoi, in no particular order:

  1. Early morning swim (not that the results are visible yet)
  2. Cycling on the road in the middle of the morning (just try to visualize this in Mumbai!)
  3. Coffee in the morning with Souvik (mush, mush), checking out people’s facebook updates
  4. Laundry (not!)
  5. Thinking about what to cook (Moms, please note)
  6. Being sloppily dressed around the house, coz who’s going to see me anyway?
  7. Finding a table in a cafe and lounging for hours (there’s almost NO rush, at least in the ones that I frequent)
  8. Running English conversation groups on Mondays
  9. Sneak previews of the city dressing up for the 1000-year celebrations, for my photography obsession
  10. Flower market – my spiritual zone 🙂
  11. Looking left and then right, while crossing the road (or is it the other way round?)

Imagine what the list will be like, returning from India!

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  1. Waiting for you dear! I wish Reva could make it with you in Kop.


  2. Wow…u coming to India…remember Hyd is just a overnight journey from Kop…and ISB campus assures you a better list on return ..
    …waking up to peacocks knocking on ur windows..
    …snakes are scorpions lazily crossing the street,
    …rabbits rushing to hide themselves in the jungle…
    …the multi colored (sparrow-like) birds calling..and toads croaking in reply…..
    and amongst them the red-colored chameleon sitting on top of the big rock (if thinking solemnly:
    “baazicha-e-atfaal hai duniya mere aage
    hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mere aage”

    — Galib 😉


  3. Wow Divya, that is some invite! And which of these wild creatures is Varun?
    So can you guys make a weekend dash over, or do you put very busy vibes?


  4. I like your life in Hanoi . Specially the cycling bit. :-(. Me too want….


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