Back to school

I am inordinately happy about receiving my new study material. Before I moved to Vietnam, Reva (my sis) had suggested I do a photography course during my sabbatical. Sounded good, so I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography course in Feb and waited for the first set of materials to arrive. In the meantime, we went on a fabulous trip to Cambodia. Then Singapore. Lots of Hanoi in between. Danang & Hoi An. And waited. But no package!

To while away my time I took up blogging :-), completed a gigantic jigsaw puzzle and took some more trips to Singapore and Hoi An. Not to mention, active baking projects. Yet no package.

My old trusty camera broke, and I bought a new one. Took up cycling. Cleaned house in the maid’s absence. You guessed it! Nothing in the post.

Lots of emails later, I figured the material was lost in transit, so I decided to try something else. Roped in my friend, Rukmini, who lives in the US, and had the package shipped to her. It took its own time in getting there, and she redirected it to Souvik’s office.

The suspense drove me crazy. I started whining and nagging. Joined a club (to cut the nagging)!

And last night, Souvik got home with a large box. YESSSSSSSS! It’s here, it’s here. The best part is that Reva has her own study package from NYIP, so we’re going to do it together. Yippee!!

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