It’s been a while…

… since my last post, and much has happened in my life. I travelled to Malaysia for a much-needed training, Souvik & I rang in our birthdays and anniversary, my in-laws are visiting, my laptop threatened to crash, but all that shall show up in different posts later. The highlight of the blogging ‘hiatus’ has been the new addition to our family – Mia. It’s very tempting to say Mia…owww, so don’t hold back; go ahead and miaow!

Mia came home last Monday, a little frightened of her new surroundings, and preferred to stay in her basket, or scramble into hard-to-reach corners under the cabinets. In one short week, she has established her reign over the house, and, while the basket is still her throne, she shares the bed, dining table, sofa, and even the suitcase!

Her favorite activity is hunting – those are some pre-programmed ‘tiger’ instincts that are simply amazing to watch. There’s been a marked decrease in the number of creepy crawlies and flying monsters around the house since Mia has taken it upon herself to supplement the canned food with some ‘real’ goodies, and no one is complaining :-p

Watch this space for more updates on Mia!

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  1. Mia -o welcome! She is super cute!


  2. Wow! Love at first sight! (meaning I’m in love with Mia!!!) Beautiful addition to your family. Give her a snuggle from me. 😉


  3. Love her perched on the table!


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