Day 14: Goodbye New York!

It was packing day, sadly, with Souvik having to take a late night flight back home, and me leaving for Chicago the next morning. Rupali advised us not to venture out to NYC, but rather stick around and shop some. We spent the morning dashing in and out of stores, buying up stuff we thought we needed ;-), then met with some old pals for lunch. For once, I left my camera behind, but everyone else’s iPhones were employed to take pictures. Now I’ve got to wait until one of them sends me a photo to post here.

If we’d had another week here, we could’ve met more friends and planned a hundred more activities, but it was not to be. We did manage to squeeze in one more sight – the hallowed grounds of Princeton University – thanks to Rupali’s extreme enthusiasm for driving us around.







We wrapped up the day with a couple of excellent Cosmopolitans rustled up by Srini, the master bartender.


Rupali & I have been friends for years and years. When we get together, we can chat for hours, as we did in this trip, late into the night. That left me no time to post last night. But as luck would have it, there’s wifi in the flight (a first for me!) and I’m excited to post from 30,000 feet in the air!

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  1. Hey there, you sure seemed to have had a lot of fun!!!!! It must’ve been so good to meet Rupali, and she really looks great!!!!!! The photos of Princeton Univ are great too. Waitin to see all ur pics.


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