Another walk through Puncak

Hot and humid days, no excursions out of Jakarta, all make a very dull girl! A friend and I got about organising a walk through the tea estates of Puncak, for a well deserved break from the tedium of the city. I’ve done this walk before, and blogged about it too – very enjoyable, so why not go again?

As we drove up the hill to the Melrimba Garden, we spotted a few paragliders coasting downwards, no doubt enjoying the view and the cool breeze. Once out of the car at Melrimba, it was hard to believe we were just a couple of hours out of Jakarta, because the temperature was definitely 10 degrees cooler. Our group was all sporty, eager to get going, but only after a hearty snack of pisang goreng and local tea. We walked through the garden for a bit, and soon out into the tea estates. The sun threatened to bear down upon us, but it stayed mostly misty and very cool. A little bit of uphill to get the heart rate going, and then all comfortably downhill to soak in the views, chat up the workers, and enjoy the fresh air.

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  1. Aarti next time we should go there.


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