Another Island, Another Dive

I cannot believe it’s been a year since I went diving, but it is, and our first dive at Nusa Lembongan was enough proof of those skills having rusted.
Ostensibly this was to be a dive buddy reunion from our certification group. Unfortunately half of that original group opted out, leaving just Malavika and I, joined by Sarvesh, Mala’s better half.
Nusa Lembongan is a tiny island just off the Bali coast, with big dive spots. We went with World Diving, and stayed at their nice villas called Frangipani in the back street. At this time of the year, there weren’t any mola-mola to sight, but manta rays were the biggest attraction (see the number of divers hanging around). A ‘small’ shark sleeping under the rock, beautiful coral too, and gorgeous sunset above water. Let the pictures tell the story.

Tip: Remember to wear your shortest shorts while getting on the fast boat to Nusa, coz you have to wade through thigh deep water at both ends, and the stickiness lasts forever.

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  1. Wow seems awesome. I am too afraid of diving as I don’t know how to swim but i still have the curiosity to get in contact with the lives that are under the sea. It looks fabulous. Thank u for sharing the experience.


  2. Surely I am definitely gonna try. A much inspired by u as well. Thank u for the support. Will share my experience after the dive as well. Be in touch.


  3. Lovely photographs, Aarti!!! And your diving skills seem to be intact. You were multitasking under water, so to say. And have done a pretty good job of it toooooo !!!!


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