The hills are alive!

Rounded off the last year with an invigorating walk through Sentul, outside Jakarta, with a few friends.

The rains hadn’t been too heavy, so the muddy paths were dry and easy to walk through. It’s amazing how you can be out of Jakarta and within an hour there’s no sign of city. Of course, I don’t even have to enter Jakarta every day. Just stay on the toll road, and bypass the Big Durian to get to Sentul.

Hiking in Sentul

We saw tapioca being processed:

Hiking in Sentul Hiking in Sentul


Rambutans ripening on the trees:

Hiking in Sentul


All kinds of farming:


Hiking in Sentul Hiking in Sentul Hiking in Sentul


And a unique ‘scarecrow system’, where bits of plastic and fabric are hung all across the fields, connected by twine – you pull one end and everything flaps about noisily to scare birds away:

Hiking in Sentul


Kids bathing in the river:

Hiking in Sentul


Laundry drying:

Hiking in Sentul

And the grasshopper had an eyeful of us:

Hiking in Sentul


There was a welcome waterfall after the exercise:

Hiking in Sentul

That made a cool pool into which we waded ‘coz we were armed with swimsuits.

No, you don’t get to see THAT photo!


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