Reality shows and other TV series

I spent all last week watching DVDs when I wasn’t in the gym. Almost 5-6 hours everyday. Souvik & I enjoyed Project Runway (all the old seasons) earlier, and I picked America’s Next Top Model this time. What I like about both these series is that judging is based on real talent, not like the fake stuff with stupid drama and lousy ‘gameplay’ elimination stuff in other reality shows. One realization from watching the shows is that Souvik & I are not very ‘fashion forward’ (HAHAHAHA). We end up liking all the conservative stuff. Then I watched the entire first season of The Good Wife, and Murder One before that. Quite engaging, but a little Perry Mason-ish. Americans love their lawyer series.

We also like to watch Hell’s Kitchen, so if we get those DVDs, I can do more marathons. And yes, I sometimes do ironing while watching, to keep me productive, but mostly I’m flopped on the sofa.

Time to get back to reading!

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